Bright Lights, Big City: Metropolitan and Cosmopolitans

For our last day in the big city, we had planned to explore some museums, see the filming of Letterman and then go out for a nice dinner. To start, we headed on the subway up to the Upper East Side for a New York Bagel at H&H Bagel:


It was delicious!

Full belly in tow, we headed towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Who knew this museum was GINORMOUS!? I could just imagine my inner Blair Waldorf hanging out on the steps with my bestie Serena discussing our fabulous New York lives. The inner architecture geek in me loved the Neoclassical design:



Just making it through a portion of the Met was a daunting task and I think we probably only saw a quarter of the collections! We started with Greek and Roman art, which I must admit was not as interesting as I wanted it to be. I did love some of the architectural features of the building more than the collection itself:




I did fall in love with this gold crown of leaves and asked if I could purchase it before finding out it was way out of my price range:


After exhausting ourselves of Greek and Roman art, we headed up to the next floor for some modern and European and American art. My poor husband has no art appreciation whatsoever, he obviously wasn’t an art major like myself. We even found an original Dyson! I am pretty sure our new one works much better though:


I enjoyed checking out all of the contemporary art, like this Jackson Pollack:


And a classic Andy Warhol of Jackie O.


We spent a while longer viewing great works by Monet, Picasso, Degas, Van Gogh, etc. before realizing it was 1:00 pm and we were supposed to be over at the David Letterman show at 2. Then hubby also realized he had forgotten his wallet at the hotel and needed his ID to pick up the tickets to the show, so we decided to forgo the Letterman show and the rest of the Met and head out to get some lunch. I swear it could take years to view and appreciate all of the works in the Met! Hubby was a little disappointed that the musical instruments collection was closed since he is a music buff, but all in all it was worth the visit. While sitting outside on the steps of the Met trying to figure out what to do next, I got the bright idea to google and see where Carrie’s apartment was in Sex and the City. I thought it might be in the Upper East Side, but found out it was actually filmed in Greenwich Village and portrayed as the Upper East Side.

During my googling session I did happen to land on a page that so conveniently informed me that Sex and the City II was being filmed at none other than the Plaza Hotel at Central Park and what do you know we were right around the corner. Hubby thought I was insane and that we would, in his words, ‘never find them’ but he doesn’t know me very well. I knew if they were in fact filming that the streets would be blocked off for the trailers and it wouldn’t be too difficult to locate. e headed to lunch over by the Plaza Hotel and low and behold there were those lovely trailers I told hubby about with ‘Paramount Pictures of Hollywood’ all over them :) It appeared as though the cameras, lighting, and equipment were still being set up, so we grabbed a bite to eat at a little deli and decided to walk back over after lunch.


They were still setting up, but hubby willingly waited patiently with for me to see if we could catch a glimpse of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. Not long after, the stand ins came out to set up the scene for the cameras so I knew it couldn’t be much longer before SOMEONE, ANYONE from SATC came out. Then ta-da, there they were, SJP and Kristen Davis, seemingly appearing out of nowhere with a gaggle of Paparazzi following along:


Cynthia Nixon was also spotted, but she wasn’t filming and stayed slightly hidden most of the time. When they finally started filming I made my way to the front of the group and got some (okay, A LOT) of pretty good shots:


She was waving right at me, ya know?


Just for the record, SJP was wearing a Halston Heritage dress, a Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace, Chanel Clutch, Mykita & Bernard Willhelm’s Franz Sunglasses, and GORGEOUS gold, sparkly Louboutins in which she strolled effortlessly in. Did I mention she is even tinier in person than she appears on tv? She must weigh 90 lbs. soaking wet! Kristen Davis (who happens to be my fave, in real life and in SATC, since she is a good ‘ole Carolina girl) was wearing a beautiful pink Dior suit, pink Dior bag, and pink and white Louboutins. I DIE!

Now I will annoy bless you with my incessant photo snapping. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little celebrity photo ogling:

What an excited afternoon and a true New York experience! I have a few videos of the filming itself I will share in a separate post. Who is your favorite SATC character, or which one are you most like? I am a whole lot of Charlotte with a splash of Carrie :)

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4 Responses to Bright Lights, Big City: Metropolitan and Cosmopolitans

  1. genesis says:

    too bad you didnt get to see Gossip Girl being filmed.

    sad to say but im not a SATC watcher.

  2. Julie says:

    I am sooo jealous! That's awesome you got to see the SATC girls!! Wow

  3. Danielle says:

    loooooove the pink and white shoes!

  4. Allison K says:

    I can't believe you saw the filming. SATC is my favorite show of all time. So Jealous.

    I'm def. Carrie with a little bit of Charlotte. :)

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