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Two years ago we moved into our lovely Charlotte home and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Husband and I are complete opposites in a lot of ways, so to find a home that we both loved took a lot of time and searching (many of you long time readers probably remember how long it took us!). We actually lost this house once and it went off the market, but lucky for us the owner reconsidered. In two years I thought I would have our lovely home fully furnished and decorated to my (our?) taste, but alas life gets in the way. While we have made some progress in the past 24 months, our house is still in the process of becoming our home.

I come from the school of wait until you find something you love rather than making do, so I have been doing a lot of waiting. Take for instance our recent kitchen lighting dilemma. Our 1980’s kitchen came complete with popcorn ceilings and an oh so lovely fluorescent box light (not to mention those orange oak cabinets and Formica countertops!). After a ferocious leak, we made the decision to have the ceilings smoothed out and that big monstrosity of a light torn down, but now the question is what to replace it with?!

For now, we installed a cheap $10 light to cover the hole in the ceiling but we are a on a desperate search to find something that:

A. Isn’t fluorescent

B. Doesn’t require us to cut additional holes in the ceiling (ie. recessed lighting)

C. Provides enough light to illuminate our rather large and dark kitchen

D. Doesn’t hang down over one-two feet so my very tall husband doesn’t bang his head


Original Kitchen


During “construction”



Here are a few things I have been eyeing, but not sure which direction to go.


via Decorpad


via West Elm


via Pottery Barn

Eventually, the cabinets will be white and the counters will be a grey toned granite, so I am hoping for something light and airy or a little industrial. Anyone have any suggestions where to look in Charlotte and beyond?

4 Responses to StyleHome: Light Me Up

  1. Danielle (elleinadsp says:

    I love those first ones. Did that website I sent you have any? Try Y Lughting too. I've found finding good, reasonable, not boring lighting is hard.

  2. Tara says:

    Love that West Elm chandelier…..we have it in gray in our dining room, and we get so many compliments on it…it's one of my favorite things in our home :)

    • PinQue says:

      We measured it and it won't work in the middle of our kitchen :( But I think I am still going to get it to go in the breakfast nook :) I just love it!

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