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Growing up Southern, green beans were always prepared with a little delicacy we like to call fat-back. If you don’t know what this is, I don’t suggest finding out. Only we southerners can take a perfectly healthy vegetable and prepare it until it is devoid of all nutritional value. Imagine my surprise when, as an adult, I discovered there were dozens of ways to cook these delicious beans while still maintaining my waistline. With my backyard garden overflowing with green beans, I am always seeking new ways to cook up these little green pods and here a few of my recent favorites:

RoastedSalt & Vinegar Green Beans {I substituted Malt Vinegar for the Balsamic and it was amazing!}

SautéedBlue Cheese & Walnut Green Beans {down South we have a little thing called Clemson Blue Cheese, obviously made in Clemson, and it is the BEST blue cheese you will ever have}

SteamedMicrowave Steamed Garlic Green Beans {great for when you are short on time}

CasseroleBest Ever Green Bean Casserole {I like to sub out the chicken stock for vegetable to make this vegetarian…best of all, no canned soup required!)

SaladGreen Bean Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing {they had me at goat cheese, my absolute weakness}

What is your favorite way to cook green beans?

4 Responses to Foodstyle: Go Green

  1. Danielle says:

    I love any and all veggies roasted. Salt, pepper, olive oil and a hot oven….maybe with some fresh garlic and/or red chili flake.

  2. Jennifer D says:

    Love these ideas! I have a ton to cook up too. Nick's mom steams them with onions and tosses with Greek seasoning. Yummy!

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