ShopStyle: Pretty in Pink

Twisted Chain Bracelet Pink Lace Skater Dress Pink Rockstar Cutoff Vince Camuto Kain Heel Essie Polish Fuchsia Leaf Drops

Tomorrow morning I will officially be Auntie Michelle forever. My sister in law is scheduled to give birth to baby Ella tomorrow and we are so excited to meet her! Of course this occasion calls for A LOT of pink. If her Auntie has anything to do with it, little Ella is going to be the girliest girl ever. And if not, then that’s ok too. After all, her Auntie Michelle was once a tomboy. As long as she calls me Aunt Pinky, Miss Ella can be anything she wants to be. Never mind that her uncle will be Uncle Ben. Congratulations Hope and Robb, we can’t wait to meet the sweet little angel!

6 Responses to ShopStyle: Pretty in Pink

  1. marisa says:

    Congrats on becoming an aunt! It's the best, you can take them for the day, sugar them up and then return them to their parents :) I love that pink lace dress and the chevron one you posted on facebook…where are they from?

  2. Diana says:

    Ha! I used to be a tom boy, too! :) Congrats on becoming an aunt!

  3. Lili says:

    Awn congrats!!

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