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Tucked in an unassuming 1950’s commercial building along East Boulevard lies Vestique, Charlotte’s newest boutique full of affordable fashion finds. Inside, racks of neatly organized dresses sit alongside vintage tables of sparkling baubles providing contrast against the stores grey concrete floors and exposed pipes. Vestique may be new to Charlotte, but owners Caroline and Morgan started the business online in 2010 and followed shortly thereafter with their first brick and mortar store in Raleigh, NC. The Charlotte location opened in May to rave reviews from Queen City shoppers (myself included) and has quickly become a shopping destination for everything from the latest bubble necklaces to the perfect vacation dress. If that isn’t enough to make you start pulling out the plastic, everything in the store is under $100 with most items ranging from $30 to $50. Don’t live in the Queen City? No worries, Vestique has a great selection of items on their website to meet all of your shopping needs. Best of all, you can even shop for the upcoming football season with their game day section, loaded with fashions from your favorite college football teams. I think I hear that orange bubble necklace calling my name now.









Sheer Thing in Green | Back to the Future in Coral

High Sea Shorts | Stop Traffic Bag in Pink

10 Responses to ShopStyle: Vestique

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I wanted to show you a sweater I saw at JCrew Factory that reminded me of you because it was Clemson colors. Below is the link. It looks orange and black in this pic, but I'm like 99% sure it was dark blue/navy.

  2. Danielle says:

    I just fell down the rabbit hole on their site. If anyone needs me…I creating my wish lst.

    • PinQue says:

      Haha! You should see the store, they have even more stuff! I got a really cute green dress that I wore in Vegas, but unfortunately Ben's photography skills are less than stellar so the pics didn't turn out. I need to wear it again soon!

  3. Tiff says:

    Oooo, love it! (esp the game day section) Take me shopping here, and be my personal shopper! :)

  4. ardenmac says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it! I ran past it yesterday and was curious. And not just curious if they had water, AC, and a willingness to drive me back to my car. Thanks the stellar report!

  5. [...] cute is this store that Pinque posted about? I couldn’t resist this top. They sold me when they mentioned boots. I can see [...]

  6. Morgan says:

    Thanks for the awesome post! We're so happy you love vestique!
    -Morgan & Caroline

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