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I have always been a bit a of tech nerd. I got my first computer (an Apple Macintosh!) in the 7th grade and was immediately hooked on the Internet, gaming and instant messaging. Perhaps this explains why we now have 3 smartphones, 3 laptops, 3 tablets and one desktop in my current household. Ridiculous? Yes.

So when Verizon asked me to be part of their blogger Ambassador program, I was excited but also admittedly a little hesitant. I have been a loyal AT&T and Apple customer for as long as I have owned a cell phone. The iPhone has been my right hand appendage since the day the first model came on the market. Certainly I couldn’t find a better device with better service? Well as it turns out, I was wrong. From the moment I powered on my new Samsung Galaxy SIII I was hooked. Not only is it SO much lighter than my (once) trusted iPhone, the screen is both larger and brighter, making it much easier to keep up with my email, social media and schedule. My contacts synced easily and with a simple visit to the Play Store, I was able to download all of my favorite apps with the super fast 4G LTE service.

The one thing that I did find disappointing was the battery life. After a day at work, the battery was completely drained. As it turns out, I just needed to change a few settings and the battery now lasts for days! These tips will help keep your battery on the Samsung SIII going stronger than the Energizer Bunny:

1. Hold down the “home” button and go to the Task Manager. If a number of applications are running, hit the “End All” button to close them.

2. Under the “Settings” menu, turn on “Power Saving”

3. Turn off the “Wi-Fi” feature if you aren’t using it. This keeps the device from constantly searching for a wifi network.

4. Change “Keep Wi-Fi on During Sleep” to “Only when plugged in”

5. Under “Settings” go to “Accounts and Sync” and turn off any applications you don’t want to sync. You will still be able to check these manually, but you won’t get automatic notifications each time someone emails or tweets you.

6. Turn off location services you don’t need on a daily basis.

I found these tips to save my battery significantly, from just a few hours to days!

Look out iPhone, there’s a new kid in town.



Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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  1. Bets says:

    This is perfect. I am addicted to all-things-blogged and decided I needed to follow more local bloggers. Then I found your blog (which is AWESOME)… today… with which happens to be one of the most relevant-to-me-at-this-very-second blog entry.  I too love love love all my Apple products and have been a very loyal user and advocate (forever trying to convert my husband). Here we are one month before the i5 (nickname for the iphone5), my contract is up and I just broke my iPhone screen.  I have seen commercials for the phone you review above and I have given it a lot thought. But all my friends are iPhone users, and I need someone to give me an honest opinion of this phone. I am tired of the hype of the new iPhone and am thinking the new one wont be as different from the latest 4S version. So honestly do you love it? One specific thing that is different from the iPhone that you like? Is it easy to navigate? Do you like Verizon? Is the service actually better than ATT like everyone says or have you even noticed? Thanks so much for your review.

    • PinQue says:

      I really do love the Galaxy and especially Verizon! My mom said that she can hear me SO much better on the Galaxy than my iphone. I don\’t find the navigation, etc. to be much different and the apps are similar, but it is WAY faster. I also love using the mobile hotspot and was able to use my laptop and ipad on a 3 hour car trip over the weekend. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to answer!

  2. Beautiful cellphone! I also like the brand Samsung.

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