StyleDiary: My So Called Life



{Dress – H&M; Shoes – Dolce Vita}

Ever since the days of My So Called Life, I have been an avid fan of Claire Danes. Though MSCL was short lived and before its time, the show always had a profound impact on my teenage years. So yesterday when I saw that Homeland was filming near my office, my friend and I decided to go into total paparazzi mode and scope out the set in hopes of spotting Claire Danes. Unlike filmings in NYC, those in Charlotte are apparently very easy to access. Had we been braver, we probably could have walked across the street and mingled with the cast but of course we were too chicken. So we resorted to playing stalker with our iPhone cameras. My so called life is now complete. Now if the second season of Homeland would hurry up and come on television so I can find out if that is Sergeant Brody’s baby or not!

2 Responses to StyleDiary: My So Called Life

  1. @silvrgurl says:

    great dress!
    saw that you got a glimpse of the filming yesterday on twitter
    i always love to watch filming

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