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The closest I ever got to going to camp was cheerleading camp. At a beach resort. So I guess you could say I never actually went to camp. But when Camp Beverly Hills sent me some items from their re-launch of the iconic brand, I was ecstatic. While you will find me dressed to the nines by day, nights and weekends are typically spent in super soft clothes made for lounging or working out. These shorts are so reminiscent of the similar logo-emblazoned styles we sported at cheerleading camp, so naturally just putting them on instantly takes me back to my “camp” days.

Cooper and I decided to take the Charcoal Running Short out for a spin around our neighborhood lake last weekend, and I must say I found these shorts to be the perfect running companion (besides my sidekick Cooper, naturally). This coming from a gal who used to only wear pants in 100 degree weather because I couldn’t find running shorts that fit. This pair doesn’t chafe like many former shorts I have tried and the soft fabric is perfect for both lounging by the lake and working out. Let’s be honest though, my favorite thing is the flashy pink Camp Beverly Hills logo that is the perfect pairing with my hot pink Nike’s and my plethora of pink hued workout tops. Thanks Camp Beverly Hills, I hope to get a lot of mileage out of these fun shorts. Literally.

Stay tuned next week for another Camp Beverly Hills look more suited for a night on the town.

4 Responses to FitStyle: Camp Beverly Hills

  1. Danielle says:

    I dying. I grew up on this brand! I had no idea it was still around. Off to check them out! I need some….to bad I'm on a shopping freeze. Maybe Xmas!

  2. hbur says:

    Just found your blog through Blog Trends! Wanted to stop by and say hi!. :)
    - Heather

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