StyleBeauty: On the Matte

I am all for healthy, dewy skin, but my face typically screams more oil slick and less post yoga glow. So to keep my oily skin in check, I turn to oil control lotions and primers to keep my makeup from sliding down my face like a rock slide. It’s taken a few trials, but I have finally managed to find a few faves that keep my face in place all day (or night) long.

L’Oreal Studio Secrets – Put this miracle product on before your foundation and your makeup will.not.budge. I prefer to apply this prior to a night out because it is a little heavy on my skin.
MAC Oil Control Lotion – The perfect addition to a primer, this lotion adds extra staying power to your matte routine.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light – A great, lightweight product that is perfect for daily wear. I am hoping the new Dark Spot Correcting version works just as well!
Murad Oil Control Mattifier – A new find in my mattifying arsenal, this Murad Mattifier is ideal for everyday wear, especially for those with acne prone skin.

So throw away that blot powder, because with these miracle workers you won’t be needing them.

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  2. How do you use these products all together or do you us one at night and one in the day?

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