StyleDiary: Perfection



{Blazer – Aryn K; Skirt – GAP; Tights – HUE; Blouse – J.Crew; Heels – Ivanka Trump}

In the government office I work for we have a little saying, “Good enough for government work.” Typical. The problem with that is I am a perfectionist. I give 110% into everything I do, so just good enough doesn’t cut it for me. Turns out, my coworkers might be onto something. Perfection is never truly achievable, now is it? But just because things cannot be perfect doesn’t mean they can’t be really wonderful. Perfectionism can be just as damaging as underachievement. The belief that nothing is ever good enough breeds self-judgment, self-doubt and in the long run, unhappiness. While I want to put all the blame on Pinterest, in this case I have to take some blame for my perfectionist ways. I will never have the perfect job, the perfect husband (or goodness knows, be the perfect wife!), or the perfect house but what I have or am can be really damn good. And damn it, that’s good enough. Perhaps it’s just too good for the government.

4 Responses to StyleDiary: Perfection

  1. Tiffany says:

    This blazer is ridiculously gorgeous!! Also, loving the captoe shoes with it.

  2. Oh wow, this means I am not alone after all!! Shooting for the stars can be a damning thing. At least you look good while dong it. LOVE that jacket!

  3. sarah says:

    How have I never read your blog till today?! Love it!

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