StyleDiary: Black Friday

{Dress – c/o gift card from Aritzia; Cardigan – J.Crew; Necklace – BaubleBar; Booties – Dollhouse}

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was nothing short of eventful. Started the day with an 8k Turkey Trot with friends, then spent the remainder of the afternoon whipping up a Friendsgiving feast. Things were going great until about an hour before our friends were expected to come over and I got in a fight with the stick blender. The next four hours were spent in the emergency room having my hand put back together again. Twelve stitches, one fractured finger and two bottles of meds later, my husband and I made it home just in time for dinner. At 11 pm. One thing is for certain, it will be a Thanksgiving we will never forget!

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16 Responses to StyleDiary: Black Friday

  1. Melanie Sartain says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Melanie Sartain says:

    I avoid the crowds if possible :)

  3. Elizabeth Debbon says:

    Awesome giveaway! I attempted black friday this year and it was crazy. Definitely going to avoid the crowds from here on out!

  4. Nikki Nichols says:

    If the deals are really good then why not go. It's adventurous =)

  5. Kelly says:

    I spent enough time working retail that I have *no* interest in days like Black Friday or the Day after Christmas. I'd rather shop online. Hope your hand feels better soon!

  6. Sophia says:

    I can't stand crowds!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I like to go shopping on Black Friday but not super early like 5:00 a.m.

  8. kenny hallis says:

    Avoid, avoid, avoid :-)

  9. Denise Kunkle says:

    I worked at Macy's for one holiday season at a crazy busy mall and that made me not want to go out in December at all, ha. So I would say avoid the chaos and crowds!

  10. Amanda says:

    I hope your hand is doing much better! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!!

  11. Suzanne DeVaux says:

    I don't mind going out during the day of black friday, but will never wait in line for anything at midnight in the freezing cold&rain!

  12. Jen says:

    I avoid the crowds and go after the early birds have left but before the late crowd arrives – 9 am seems to be key – somehow its worked the last two years!
    Hope your hand heals quickly!

  13. dianne hall says:

    I avoid at all costs :)

  14. Mrs.M in MI says:

    I usually avoid it, though this year I ended up at HomeGoods at about 1:00pm with my sister-in-law and it wasn't bad at all (and we spent way too much money)!

  15. katie says:

    I absolutely avoid the crowds on black Friday. Love that skater dress, so cute!

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