StyleLife: Murrell’s Inlet Oyster Roast

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey (or in my case this year, with stitches), but my husband’s hometown of Murrells Inlet does things a little bit different. Instead of traditional turkey and sides, oysters and fried seafood are on the menu. We spent last weekend at my in-laws celebrating the holiday and lucky for us, the annual oyster roast happened to be underway. While my husband’s family volunteered (it was a fundraiser for the town), the husband and I chowed down on oysters and took on babysitting duties for my sister-in-law. Baby Ella was an angel while we managed to eat our weight in fresh steamed oysters and shrimp. A perfect weekend indeed.

3 Responses to StyleLife: Murrell’s Inlet Oyster Roast

  1. halfopenbook says:

    I grew up just north of Murrels Inlet and you can't find better seafood anywhere else!

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