StyleShop: Party Perfect Sequins

If there is one time of the year you can get away with being decked out in sequins, it is certainly during the holidays. Whether you’re headed to a fancy fete or simply an office party, sequins are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your holidays. From sparkly stilettos to gilded clutches, I’ve rounded up the most stunning sequins from across the web for all your holiday gatherings.

10 Responses to StyleShop: Party Perfect Sequins

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sequin pants! YES PLEASE!!!

  2. PinQue says:

    RIGHT?! In love with them…just not sure I could pull them off with my legs!

  3. andiperullo says:

    Loooove sequins!

  4. The skirt is perfect. I love it. But I think I can't pull off a sequined top and bottom, can I just use a plain top? Any recommendations? I have to wear this on our New Years Eve dinner.

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  7. Custom says:

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