StyleDiary: inVested


{Top – J.Crew; Vest – Forever21; Skirt – Piperlime; Necklace – gift from my friend V; Boots – JustFab; Tights – HUE (as always)}

Every New Year’s Eve, my husband and I attempt to make grand plans to go out and have a great time but we ultimately end up staying inside and ringing in the new year in our pj’s. This year was to be no different. Then on a whim, we decided that we would at least go to a nice dinner to get out of the house. The only problem was that the Clemson v. LSU game was on from 7 until 11. So much to my husband’s chagrin, we left the house at half time to go to dinner. I might have also told him the restaurant had tv’s…which it did. At the bar. Luckily we ended up enjoying a fabulous dinner and catching the fourth quarter afterwards. And Clemson beat LSU! All in all, the perfect end to 2012 and the perfect start to 2013. Oh yeah, and this is what I wore instead of pajamas.

5 Responses to StyleDiary: inVested

  1. Diana says:

    So much better than PJs! We actually went out for NYE, too! Though, my PJs were tempting me. lol But, we had a good time – had some great food and even a lovely champagne cocktail! :)

  2. cait & val says:

    sequin, fur, and print . . . oh my!!!
    great post!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. Lily - LirioStyle says:

    Looking Stunning, Pinque!! Can I have this skirt? And the vest!? Oh and this blouse is so pretty too!
    Kisses from a Brazilian

    Ps: I'm a long timer reader and just created my own blog :D if you wish to stop by, I would appreciate it :)

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