StyleDiary: The Un-Resolution

{Dress – c/o Aritzia; Cardigan – J.Crew; Tights – HUE; Booties – dollhouse; Necklace – BaubleBar}

Here we are, 28 days into January and I have not purchased one article of clothing. Technically I also haven’t purchased any accessories, less a pair of super sale (and much needed) ballet flats at J.Crew I bought with a Christmas gift card. I didn’t necessarily start out the year with the intention of not shopping, but now that I have I feel a desire to continue the cycle. To be honest, in the last year or more I started filling my life with things I thought would bring me joy. Except they didn’t. Sure there was temporary excitement in the acquisition of said things, but after the shininess wears off, it’s just another item that gets shoved to the back of my closet. So here’s to finding happiness in something other than stuff. And hopefully saving a whole lot of money in the process.

7 Responses to StyleDiary: The Un-Resolution

  1. andiperullo says:

    I love the lighting in these photos, gorgeous!

  2. @whatiwore says:

    The lighting in these photos is beautiful! Love the color combo too!

  3. eggswithketchup says:

    I love how unexpected, yet cohesive the colors are. This outfit is gorgeous!

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