StyleDiary: The Right to Shoes

{Top – Piperlime; Skirt – J.Crew; Booties – Dollhouse}

My husband often questions my love affair with footwear. “Did you really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?!” he often exclaims before the FedEx man has left the front porch. It started at a very young age with my first pair of jelly shoes, which I am quite sure I wore until there were holes in their soles. Then came the Sebago craze and following that Sam and Libby’s, Tevas and of course Keds, each of which held a special place in my tiny 3×5 closet and my heart growing up. And while I question some of my past footwear choices (cut me some slack, I was in elementary school), I always go back to shoes. No matter what goes on in life, be it weight gain or a bad day, shoes never let me down. They always fit, adding a little brightness to an otherwise dreary day. Which might explain why I purchased six pairs last week. When life hands you lemons, take my advice and say screw the lemonade and buy shoes. Now if I could only get them to take out the trash…

2 Responses to StyleDiary: The Right to Shoes

  1. andiperullo says:

    I'm obsessed with your shirt!

  2. blue hue wonderland says:

    Beautiful combination! This top is great with your boots. Just bought this same skirt in emerald green.

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