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If you’ve been reading PinQue from the beginning then you’ve undoubtedly seen me confess my love for Prescriptives cosmetics. I was so disappointed a few years back when they decided to shut down operations (see my post about that here). Well, as you can imagine, I was ecstatic that they recently increased their online presence and brought back some of my favorite products. Along with their new site comes a team of online beauty advisors, the Px Beauty Geniuses, who will help you to find your perfect match exactly as they would at the traditional makeup counter!


I recently had the opportunity to try out the service for myself and found it much more convenient than traveling to the store. Right in the comfort of my kitchen I was able to video chat with Erica, a Px Beauty Genius who has been with the brand for over 10 years. After a quick consultation about my skincare needs, I uploaded a few photos so she could analyze my skin tone, texture, and needs. The whole process only took about 15 minutes and shortly thereafter Erica emailed me my custom blend foundation “recipe.”

From there I was able to enter my custom blend recipe in my account and order my foundation. I have been using the foundation for a few weeks now and I am more than happy with my experience. The shade blends into my skin tone and the formula I received both controls oil and clarifies. They even send along a travel size bottle perfect for on the go gals. If liquid foundation isn’t your thing, they also offer custom blend loose powder. That’s definitely next on my list to try!


Overall, I would highly suggest using both the Prescriptives video chat service (did I mention it’s free!?) as well as the custom blend foundation. Especially if, like myself, you have a hard time finding the shade that is just right for your difficult skin. It will probably take me 6 months or longer to use up my bottle (it’s HUGE!), but I will definitely be reordering when I do.

Not sure if Custom Blend is right for you?

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.13.26 PM

Have you tried Prescriptives new video chat? If you do, tell me about your experience!

{I was provided a gift card for the cost of the foundation, but as always these opinions are all my own. I wouldn’t let you ladies buy anything that I didn’t love myself!}

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  1. Tracy says:

    Very cool!

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