FitStyle: Fitbit Zip


A few weeks ago, I received the Fitbit Zip from Verizon to test out. After hearing many positive reviews of this nifty little device, I was excited to try it out for myself. First, I was happy that the Fitbit is tiny, therefore barely detectable when work on my clothes or in my pocket. I sported the device on several occasions for comparison purposes and was shocked to discover how little activity I get on non-workout days! I consider myself an active, healthy individual but my desk job requires a lot of sitting each day and without making a conscience effort to get up and move, Fitbit has shown me that I don’t. And he just rubs it in with his little frowny face on the screen. Ouch.

From what I have read, 10,000 steps a day is a good goal for an “active” individual. I workout and run at least 4 times a week, so that leaves 3 days a week that I am nothing less than sedentary. Proof:

Sunday – 3 mile run/hour Zumba class and normal weekend activity – 15,393 steps
Two typical work days with no workouts – 2,667 and 2,170
Saturday in Atlanta – outdoor shopping with girlfriends – 5,452
Typical work day with a 5 mile run – 10,105

My first thought after seeing that is how on EARTH does an average person get 10,000 steps a day when that equates to a 5 mile run?! My next thought? I should go shopping more often on non-workout days! Proof shopping IS great for your health!

Now to get those steps up every day of the week. I’ll check back in a few weeks to let you know how it goes!

Have you ever worn a pedometer? Tell me about your experience!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

FitStyle: Two Thumb(holes) Up

When the temps start falling below 60 degrees, I start pulling out the long sleeve running tops to carry me through my daily runs. And when it comes to long sleeve running tops, I have one general requirement; they must have thumbholes. This thumbhole obsession (that sounds a bit naughty?!) started a few years back when my dear sweet husband bought me my first Lululemon shirt for my birthday. Little did he know he was creating an overpriced workout gear monster. Not only are thumbholes incredibly convenient to keep your sleeves from “riding up,” they also provide much needed warmth for chilly hands without the need for bulky gloves (Lululemon’s famed “cuffins” are another great alternative). These workout tops from around the Interwebs get two thumb(holes) up from this cold weather runner.

For all my fellow Queen City runners, the Rock & Read 5K is coming up Saturday, November 3rd and I have a free entry to give away to one lucky runner! This fun 5K benefits the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library system and also includes both a 1 mile Fun Run and a Kids’ Dash. Enjoy music at each mile and mimosas at the finish line! Race entry also includes a brightly colored dri-fit tee and all proceeds benefit the book collections for the library system. Plus I will be running (and maybe even my husband!) so you can join us! Just leave a comment below with your favorite way to workout to enter to win. Entries will be accepted until Friday, October 26th at midnight and winner will be chosen Saturday, October 27th.

FitStyle: Camp Beverly Hills






The closest I ever got to going to camp was cheerleading camp. At a beach resort. So I guess you could say I never actually went to camp. But when Camp Beverly Hills sent me some items from their re-launch of the iconic brand, I was ecstatic. While you will find me dressed to the nines by day, nights and weekends are typically spent in super soft clothes made for lounging or working out. These shorts are so reminiscent of the similar logo-emblazoned styles we sported at cheerleading camp, so naturally just putting them on instantly takes me back to my “camp” days.

Cooper and I decided to take the Charcoal Running Short out for a spin around our neighborhood lake last weekend, and I must say I found these shorts to be the perfect running companion (besides my sidekick Cooper, naturally). This coming from a gal who used to only wear pants in 100 degree weather because I couldn’t find running shorts that fit. This pair doesn’t chafe like many former shorts I have tried and the soft fabric is perfect for both lounging by the lake and working out. Let’s be honest though, my favorite thing is the flashy pink Camp Beverly Hills logo that is the perfect pairing with my hot pink Nike’s and my plethora of pink hued workout tops. Thanks Camp Beverly Hills, I hope to get a lot of mileage out of these fun shorts. Literally.

Stay tuned next week for another Camp Beverly Hills look more suited for a night on the town.